"Siddho Varza is one of the very few recording engineers who regard an
original soundtrack not as a mere picture accessory, but as an independent
cinematic and dramatic story-telling element; and one of the few sound
designers which make use of Atmos, sounds and music to truly support a
films mood and atmosphere and not, as is often the case, as mere stopgaps
or makeover.
To watch our films 'Westend', 'Wolga', 'Waldmeister', 'Wellenreiter' and 'Warteschleifen' is to know what we are talking about."
Markus Mischkowski & Kai Maria Steinkühler
Directors of 'Westend' and 'Wolga'

"Working with Siddho Varza was always remarkable. Especially during the
recordings for the Ubisoft production "Beyond Good & Evil" - which received
outstanding reviews for its German synchronisation - he deeply impressed
us with his professionalism. Above all his ability and readiness to overcome
the most difficult problems under enormous time pressure must be noted.
And last but not least he is also a very nice guy!"
The Mouse-power team

"Siddho Varza has worked as a sound engineer on many of Ubisoft's
most important productions over the last few years: 'Rayman 3', 'Prince of
Persia' and 'Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow', amongst others. The quality
of these titles' German synchronization have been again and again highly
praised by the specialist press. Despite the huge time pressure which often
accompanies the dubbing process for video games, Siddho is always in full
control and, thanks to his superior demeanour, cares for an exceptional
working atmosphere and a smooth and on schedule production flow. His
outstanding technical ability, but also his excellent command of English and
Persian, have been a constant source of help and advice. How would we
otherwise have ever gotten to know which role the hero Rostam plays in
Persian mythology and in 'Prince of Persia The Sands of Time'!?"
Stefan Dinger

"...a sound design that will put fear in the heart of the competition!".
(GCN Test 02/03)

"Siddho Varza's passionate working precision as a recording engineer
saved us much postproduction time and work and resulted in a perfect
original sound-track in the cinema."
Kai Künnemann